Tips on Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs

When you have a broken torsion spring that needs to be replaced immediately, you should call a professional garage door expert to learn all about garage door springs. You cannot handle these springs on your own because they are heavy and long parts that are used to raise and lower the garage door effortlessly and smoothly. If you have broken garage door springs that need to be taken care but you don’t have enough budgets to hire a professional, here are the steps which you can follow to get the job done. Following procedures will help you to ensure that the task can be accomplished easily.

The most important step which you should do is to make sure that you have turned off the power supply to the garage door. Don’t forget to disconnect the opener so that you do not get electrocuted shock while performing the job. Remember to disconnect the power cord of the opener along with removing it from your garage door. It relates to the newer versions of the garage door because the old versions need to remove the fuse or turning off the circuit breaker to disconnect the power supply.

Inspect the old spring carefully to make sure that you have bought the same spring. You need to examine both of them carefully to ensure they are the same in type and dimensions. While choosing a new spring, avoid grabbing them. Don’t touch the winding cones on the springs. Use a marker or any other type of writing instrument to highlight the torsion shaft ends. It is necessary because it helps you to make sure that your garage door is balanced and aligned properly when you have finished the job of broken garage door spring replacement.

Wind the existing unbroken spring off and unfasten the brackets of springs and bolts securing the torsion cones together and then remove them. Once you have finished this procedure, it is time to change the spring along with the re-installation of the attached hardware. After completing this step, it is time to wind up the new spring. Once you have finished this step, you need to test the garage door to make sure that it is properly balanced. Apply some lubricant to reduce the friction while operations.

Once you make sure that the garage door is properly aligned and all the attached components are tight securely, it is time to reattach the opener. Although you have heard that the garage door is not a toy, you should not play with it. But you will have to open or close it a few times to make sure it is working correctly. It is easy to fix the broken springs on your own but you will have to be very careful while doing this job because it can be a risky and critical job if not handled properly. You may lose your limbs, hands, fingers, or even life. It is highly advisable to call a professional garage door repair technician to fix or replace a broken garage door spring.