Garage Door Repair – The Steps to Success

Garage door repair does not as hard or difficult as it sounds. There are few important steps that you can do before calling a professional garage door repair company. Good garage door inspection and maintenance actually start from the construction and installation phase of the garage door. Installing a garage door in the right way can help you reduce the need for frequent repairs later on. There are plenty of professional garage door companies that offer great garage door installation and repair services. You can see their website here to get their contact information.

Standard garage door dimensions:

The minimum size of the standard garage has 24×24 foot space. A large roomy-sized garage size can be 28×28 feet. Garage door size is another important consideration to be taken seriously. A standard garage door is 9 feet wide and 7 feet high. This size is perfect for standard vehicles, but when you need to park vans, suburban, or any other large vehicle, then installation of 10 foot wide and eight-foot-tall garage door is appreciated. While constructing a garage, installing a standard-sized garage door is always recommended. Even constructing a garage door a few inches wider or narrower will need the garage door to be customized in the right order. Getting a customized garage door can be an expensive process.

While building a large garage door to accommodate the larger vehicles, it is important to ensure that the ceiling of the garage must also be higher and stronger. A standard-sized ceiling must be eight feet high which is perfect for seven feet high garage door and normal-sized vehicles but an eight-foot-high and tall garage door needs at least nine to ten foot cleaned space inside the structure of the garage.

Garage door repair services:

The garage door repair project starts with inspecting, maintaining, and lubricating the tracks. In case the tracks of the garage door are not aligned, dent-free, rust-free then they cannot be travel up and down smoothly. If these problems are blocking the path of tracks, you can straighten them using a hammer. You can also use a rubber mallet to gently tap the tracks and straighten them once again. The garage door has moving hardware, so the next step is to check if there are loose screws and blots inside the mounting brackets on the garage door. A simple screwdriver will help to fix the situation.

The third point to check is if the garage door rollers are stuck due to the accumulated grease or dirt. Other components can also support the garage door to travel smoothly. These grease and dirty substances can be found in the tracks and around the rollers of the garage door.  And finally, garage door cables and springs are another important but critical part that will affect the performance of the garage door especially on the operating structure of the garage door.  Broken springs have to be replaced because they will be life-threatening. They hold extreme pressure which can make them dangerous to handle.

Regular garage door maintenance and repair can make your garage door functional and increase the overall life of it. Sooner or later, you will end up with costly garage door repair bills. At least a simple maintenance routine is conducted every few months; the garage door should have an efficient and longer life in the long run.