Garage Door Repair is Not an Easy Job

Garage door repair is not an easy project as there are certain safety risks involved in the process. You can still carry out some simple garage door repair tasks even if you are not skilled or a handyman but all complex garage door jobs ought to be done by professionals.

The automatic overhead garage door, whether it swings up in a single solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections, operates with strong and heavy-duty garage door springs. Normally, the garage door moves on the metal tracks along the walls of the garage, and garage door springs are used to provide it necessary power. They are used to perform the balancing functions of a garage door. In the majority of the cases when garage doors become malfunctioning, fixing solutions are quite easy to perform. For more information about garage door solutions, please visit

  • Inspect the metal tracks to check their condition. Make sure that the mounting brackets inside the tracks are not worn out and hold the walls. If you found loose brackets, just tighten the screws and bolts to make them secure. Damaged brackets should be replaced. In the next step, close the garage door and inspect the tracks to find out the crimps, flat spots, or dents. If they have spots or dents just straighten them using a plastic hammer or a rubber mallet.
  • Check the level of tracks to make sure that they are aligned and straightened correctly. Remember that the vertical section should be plump and the horizontal tracks should be slant slightly downward position. Both tracks should be at the same height as the height of the walls. If you found that garage door tracks are not aligned correctly. Just lose the brackets a bit by unscrewing the nuts and then tapping them to their original position. Don’t remove the blots completely that grip the mounting brackets.
  • It is recommended that clean the garage door including the tracks to remove dust, dirt, and hardened grease. You can use any mild household cleaner for this purpose. Make sure that you clean the tracks, rollers, and other hardware to remove the obstructions. Wipe the tracks and rollers after washing them. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the texture of the garage door. It is suggested that do it at least twice a year.
  • All garage door parts including tracks, rollers, pulleys, and mounting brackets should be lubricated for the smooth operations of a garage door. You may use any good-quality silicone spray, powdered graphite, and lubricant spray for this objective. Pour oil on all garage door parts, allow it to sit for about 60 seconds, and then wipe out the excess oil. If you experience any complex problem while inspecting and maintaining your garage door, don’t take the time to call professional garage door technicians to help you.