Garage door maintenance services

One important maintenance task that most homeowners take for granted is “garage door maintenance”. Even the most responsible and intelligent homeowner frequently forget to check the garage door to find out the general wear and tear. However, it is extremely essential to inspect the garage door thoroughly as faults like broken garage door springs can be extremely dangerous.

Before checking the garage door system, make sure to have all safety points in your mind. First of all, whenever to operate the garage door; make sure that everyone, especially kids, is away from the working place. Stay away from moving hardware such as torsion springs and mounting brackets. Don’t pinch your fingers between the panels of the garage door. Here is another important point to keep in mind that serious garage door problems need to be fixed by certified and experienced garage door experts so whenever you experience any major issue, call a professional garage door technician instead of handling it on your own.

Start garage door maintenance project by inspecting the torsion springs. You will find these springs right above the garage door opening or along either side of metal tracks. Look them thoroughly to find out any cracks, damages, or other evidence of wear and tear. Some garage door parts may become squeaking or creating loud sounds, you can easily fix them using any high-quality silicone spray or lubricant but if the faults are apparent, it is the right time to contact a garage door expert. Don’t forget that torsion springs hold a great amount of pressure that can be dangerous to handle, so it is not a good job for amateur individuals. 

In the next check the springs and brackets that attach the metal cables to the springs. These brackets should be securely connected to the garage door.  The loose brackets need to be tightened and loose springs need to be adjusted. You can easily do it using handy tools; you just need to keep in mind that they hold a great amount of pressure. The latest models of garage doors are designed with tamper-resistant brackets or cord spindles to avoid the broken junks fly in the air. The broken pieces of springs can hurt you or damage your property. Since these are dangerous parts that should be fixed by professional garage door technicians.  

Make sure that the cables should not lose, frayed, or don’t have any sign of wear and tear. If you found them, they should be replaced with the help of professionals. Don’t wait until they are completely broken because they could cause serious injuries and damages.

If you have a modern automatic garage door, it must be equipped with safety sensors that prevent the garage door from closing on something. The tiny electronic beams or eyes are located near the ground level, one on each side at the bottom of the garage door. Make sure that the sight of the line is cleared of any dust or debris. It is also important that these sensors are aligned properly to ensure that they are working properly.

By spending five to ten minutes inspecting the important components of your garage door, you will be sure that everything is in good working condition. Any garage door fault can be fixed easily by a professional garage door expert and you will be able to rest assured, knowing your automatic garage door poses no danger to you and your family.