Welcome to the frequently asked questions page. Here, you can find the most common questions from our guests. This would serve as your reference in navigating through our site and understanding what we post here better.


Can I request a specific country to be featured here at Closed Zone website?

Yes, you can. The main reason why we have this website in the first place is to give assistance to travelers when it comes to providing the most up-to-date information about their place of destination. Because of this, we are willing to accept inputs on the next place we are going to feature. You can send your request by posting it on our forum site or by contacting us directly through our email.

Do you publish the articles you post here?

Unfortunately, we do not have yet that kind of facility here. We want to be as environmental-friendly as possible so we cannot see ourselves publishing our works in hard copy soon. But, you can easily download them to your smartphones for easy access whenever and wherever you are.

Do we need to subscribe to access the content of this page?

Subscribing is not necessary unless you plan to engage in a conversation with other guests aboard. Everything posted here on the site is accessible to you. This is a non-profit website for everyone.

Can I also publish my experiences here?

As much as possible, we wish for our guests here to have a good camaraderie with each other. Be free to share your experiences via our forum page so that others can learn from them.

Do I need to register to subscribe?

You need a valid email to subscribe. That is where we are going to send to you notifications for new postings and new articles releases. Do not worry. We won’t store your information for any future use.