About Us

We are a group of concerned citizens who come to you as the bringer of the latest and most up-to-date news around the globe. We focus mainly on delivering you news about the ‘closed zone’ country and looping you with the most recent happenings.

Traveling has become one of the most common activities among people from world over. Many people so his for various reasons. They choose various destinations not knowing the dangers lurking in it for the chance of seeing the wonders they hide. Sometimes, they get stranded in a place due to the restrictions being set by that specific country. They cross a border not knowing that they are not allowed to come into that place. As a result, potential troubles ensue. When this happens, government from other nations get involved. All because of the lack of knowledge in the ‘closed zone’ restriction.

This is mainly the reason why we have created this – to prevent such things from happening. By being aware, you get to veer away from these countries and just settle in the safe zones.

We also include in the articles we publish the dos and don’ts in every country that is popular with the tourists. We do this because, over the years, there are restrictions travelers have no knowledge of that lead them into loads of trouble. Some of them are taken too gravely by the country of their destination that it can even cause them to be imprisoned or can cost them their lives.

Closed Zone aims to simply provide you the safest ways to travel. That includes what you should and should not avoid. By doing this, we hope that we could raise awareness that would lessen your possible mistakes. Always check out this site because we regularly update for your reference. Sign up for our RSS Feeds so that you won’t miss a thing.