Garage Doors – Selecting an Automated Garage Door

Manual-operated garage doors can be a hectic and annoying thing in bad weather. They can be physically challenging equipment in the era of advanced technology. A remotely controlled garage door can eliminate the need to get out and into the car in order to operate the garage door. Furthermore, it does not need any physical effort to open or close the garage door which also increases personal security. Luckily, standard manual garage doors can easily be converted into automated ones. Click here to get more information on the design, operations, and practical applications of automatic garage doors.

Overhead automatic garage doors:  

Garage doors can be operated through a motorized mechanism provided by the portable remote control unit or a fixed keypad. The benefit of using a hand-held remote is to facilitate the user to control the garage door from his car. A fixed wall-mounted garage door control panel demands to leave the car in order to operate the garage door which is a less desirable option.

Types of garage doors:

A side-hinged garage door can be converted to automated operations but it is a most complex, costly, and least practical option. Customized automatic side-hinged garage doors are also available. Up and over automatic garage doors are the most famous style which is easiest to buy and convert into an automatic system. In this type of garage door, a motorized system will work efficiently because the counterbalancing mechanism will reduce the loads which the motor has to deal with. There are plenty of conversion kits available for up and over garage doors.

Roller garage doors are probably the best type for automated operations. These garage doors are normally created from either insulated double layer of aluminum and galvanized plastic coated steel which rolls up around a cassette or tubular drum that is located above the opening of the garage. These type of garage doors moves up and downside rail which is a perfect mechanism for automatic operations. Most roller garage doors are purchased and fitted for automatic operations.

Sliding garage doors are created from a series of sectionalized panels that run on metal tracks along with the walls and ceiling. These garage doors slide around to the side of the opening to open the garage door for you. They stored vertically against the wall of the garage when opened. These garage doors are perfect for automated operations and most of them come with a pre-build motorized kit. There are several vertical version of this style which is known as “sectional garage doors”.

Remote control:

In order to take the benefits from automatic garage doors, it is suggested that choose a system which offers hand-held remote control device. Modern automatic garage doors come with a ready-made kit consisting of two remote controls which allows you to open and close the garage door without leaving the car alone. These handy remotes are battery-powered which will easily fit into a purse or pocket.