Electric Garage Door Openers- Which Type is best?

Electric garage door openers are available in different types of models and are manufactured by different brands. The chain-driven garage door openers are the original versions, the belt drive system is smooth in operations, and the up-to-date model of chain drive opener.

The latest one is a screw-driven garage door opener that operates with a drive shaft that resembles a long screw.  C.G. Johnson first produced and introduced the automatic garage door opener in 1926. It is a common misconception among homeowners that an electric garage door opener lifts the garage door. In fact, these are the garage door springs that hold a great amount of tension to generate and release power to lift and lower the garage door.

You can consult a garage door opener Dayton, Ohio specialist if you have any confusion in your mind. The automatic garage door opener indicates how far the garage door extends up and down and the energy required to enable the garage door to move. The electric opener also serves as a lock. There is a power full motor inside the unit which is attached to the tracks of the garage door, and a trolley connected to the arm that is attached at the top of the garage provides the back a firth action support, thus allowing the garage door to go up and down.

Types of garage door openers:

There are three basic mechanisms of garage door openers such as, a chain, belt, and screw-driven systems that guide the trolley when the motor is turned on. The latest models allow you to disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door using a “quick release option” in case of emergency or machine failure so that you can operate the garage door manually. You can also adjust the range of distance for the opening and closing of the garage door through limit switches on the power control unit. The garage door opener is placed above the garage door while the power unit is attached to the ceiling towards the back of the garage.

  • Chain drive garage door opener:

They are strong devices specially designed for heavy garage doors. These openers can be louder during operations. However, the latest models are created with motor vibration isolation to provide quiet operations. Actually, chain-driven garage door openers offer the best value for money and strength at an affordable price.

  • Belt-driven garage door openers:

These garage door openers use a rubber belt instead of metal chains. They are often much more efficient and quieter than chain-driven garage door openers. They are best for you if you have a bedroom above or near the garage. They are quieter and more efficient but they are not as strong as a chain-driven mechanism. They need a powerful motor if they are installed on heavy garage doors.

  • Screw-driven garage door opener:

These are the most efficient and powerful systems that offer maximum lifting power with less moving hardware. They are durable and reliable devices. This model is a great combination of a direct drive and screw drive system. You should check the HP and strength of the garage door opener against the weight of your garage door.

Automatic garage door openers also offer other security and standard features such as, rolling code technology to change to pass code, an automatic lighting system, and auto reversing features to prevent any hard and damage. While looking for the best garage door opener, you should consider certain factors such as the weight of the garage door, the need quiet operations, efficiency, usage, maintenance requirements, and long-term reliability. A spending few extra dollars today can go a long way to trouble-free garage door operations.