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Electric Garage Door Openers- Which Type is best?

Electric garage door openers are available in different types of models and are manufactured by different brands. The chain-driven garage door openers are the original versions, the belt drive system is smooth in operations, and the up-to-date model of chain drive opener.

The latest one is a screw-driven garage door opener that operates with a drive shaft that resembles a long screw.  C.G. Johnson first produced and introduced the automatic garage door opener in 1926. It is a common misconception among homeowners that an electric garage door opener lifts the garage door. In fact, these are the garage door springs that hold a great amount of tension to generate and release power to lift and lower the garage door.

You can consult a garage door opener Dayton, Ohio specialist if you have any confusion in your mind. The automatic garage door opener indicates how far the garage door extends up and down and the energy required to enable the garage door to move. The electric opener also serves as a lock. There is a power full motor inside the unit which is attached to the tracks of the garage door, and a trolley connected to the arm that is attached at the top of the garage provides the back a firth action support, thus allowing the garage door to go up and down.

Types of garage door openers:

There are three basic mechanisms of garage door openers such as, a chain, belt, and screw-driven systems that guide the trolley when the motor is turned on. The latest models allow you to disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door using a “quick release option” in case of emergency or machine failure so that you can operate the garage door manually. You can also adjust the range of distance for the opening and closing of the garage door through limit switches on the power control unit. The garage door opener is placed above the garage door while the power unit is attached to the ceiling towards the back of the garage.

  • Chain drive garage door opener:

They are strong devices specially designed for heavy garage doors. These openers can be louder during operations. However, the latest models are created with motor vibration isolation to provide quiet operations. Actually, chain-driven garage door openers offer the best value for money and strength at an affordable price.

  • Belt-driven garage door openers:

These garage door openers use a rubber belt instead of metal chains. They are often much more efficient and quieter than chain-driven garage door openers. They are best for you if you have a bedroom above or near the garage. They are quieter and more efficient but they are not as strong as a chain-driven mechanism. They need a powerful motor if they are installed on heavy garage doors.

  • Screw-driven garage door opener:

These are the most efficient and powerful systems that offer maximum lifting power with less moving hardware. They are durable and reliable devices. This model is a great combination of a direct drive and screw drive system. You should check the HP and strength of the garage door opener against the weight of your garage door.

Automatic garage door openers also offer other security and standard features such as, rolling code technology to change to pass code, an automatic lighting system, and auto reversing features to prevent any hard and damage. While looking for the best garage door opener, you should consider certain factors such as the weight of the garage door, the need quiet operations, efficiency, usage, maintenance requirements, and long-term reliability. A spending few extra dollars today can go a long way to trouble-free garage door operations.

Important Points to Remember About Garage Door Installation

Garage door is important household equipment. It is especially true if your city is prone to extreme weather. This is why garage door plays an important role in our lives, especially during the winter season when we have to deal with snow and uncomfortable cold air. You may not realize the importance of a properly installed and insulated garage door unless you encounter trouble. I just want to say that the right garage door can save your life, asset, and vehicle.

The purpose of this article is to share my finding on some important garage door installation guidelines to remember. I have obtained this information both from my personal experience and research.  I was encouraged to learn new things when I was searching best garage door installation near me for my garage door. I just want to share what I have learned from my experience. I guess it is my own finding that will help you to save your assets. Let me share my personal finding with you.

Securing the vehicle and house would be possible through the properly installed garage door. Whether you are installing a new garage door or replacing the existing one, you have to decide how to go about it. Would you perform it on your own or get some professional assistance? First of all decide, whether you are capable to install it on your own or you would just end up damaging your place. Alternatively, if you need to hire a professional garage door installer, ask for a referral from family and friends.

There are different types of garage doors to choose from according to your space, style, and needs. Famous models of garage doors include roller garage doors, up & over garage doors, sectional garage doors, and swing-hung garage doors. While buying a garage door, you should consider the aspects that make it up. You should give priority to assessing the durability and maintenance requirements. Other important aspects are style, R-value, composition, thickness, hardware, a gauge of tracks, strength, safety features, and warranty.

Remember to never attempt to remove and install the garage door on your own, especially if you don’t have the proper skills, techniques, and tools. Hire professional garage door installers for the safety and security of your family. While hiring professional services, make sure that they are equipped with standard safety gear. Once the garage door is installed, follow some safety rules. You should strictly advise everyone to never stand near the moving garage door. Teach your family about how to operate a garage door and what it could bring when someone gets trapped under the garage door. Keep the wall-mounted buttons out of the range of kids.

Clean, test, and maintain the garage door periodically. Make sure that it reverses upon touching the object under its path or moves smoothly. If anything looks amiss, call professional garage door experts to fix the issues immediately.

Garage Door Repair Should Be Left to the Professionals

A garage can be essential for precious stuff such as, cars, equipment, gardening tools, and other important belongings. Let it face that you can find anything behind the closed gare door. So, if your garage door is not working properly, it is always suggested to call a professional garage door company like, garage door repair in South Fulton to help you. Here are the reasons to consider:

The average weight of a garage door is up to 400 pounds. This is why; you cannot handle it on your own. But if it is not enough to stop you, consider it will drop on you. If it falls out and nobody is around it then the damages may be limited to the garage door but if it drops while being opened then it could land on your car or anything else. Not only could you suffer serious injuries but you can also damage your assets. It is just one of the horrible scenarios if you play with the garage door.

By hiring a professional garage door technician, you will be guaranteed that the project will be done correctly on the first attempt. If you try to handle it on your own and something goes wrong you will not only destroy your property but waste your efforts and money. It is quite a costly process so don’t take a chance of damaging your belonging and call a professional contractor.  

A professional garage door company can easily handle these tasks. They have the right expertise and tools to perform the job quickly. So, don’t become a victim and consult a garage door technician. Not only will they be able to perform the job quickly but also time consumption will be less than attempting the project alone.

By hiring a professional garage door expert, you will know that garage door work is done safely. The experts have all the required tools and techniques. If perform the work alone, the serious matter is to have to stop the work in the middle to buy specific tools. Leaving the garage door hanging is not a good decision. Once you start the project, it must be completed.

When it concerns fixing a malfunctioning garage door, it is always good to hire professional garage door companies. Their staff is fully trained and experienced. They are also equipped with appropriate tools so the project can be completed quickly and safely. If anything goes wrong, you will have someone fix out without paying the additional cost.

Garage Door Not Working – Some Common Problems and Solutions

There are two basic parts of the garage door. One is a garage door opener and the other is the operating system of garage door that includes the tracks, panels, rollers and other hardware that guides it in the up and down processes. The garage door is a large and main moving object in your house. In many buildings, the garage door gets used more often than any other door of the house. If it is not properly taken care of it can become a great hassle for you. To know more about garage doors, visit at

There are different types of garage door components that work together to make the garage door functional. Garage doors tend to malfunction over time which is a normal process of elimination. Start your project with obvious tasks and work down the list until you find the component that is going wrong in the mechanism. Sometimes there is more than one part that is going wrong with the garage door. It is the trickiest part that contributes to the failure of the garage door.  Some problems are mechanical and others are structural as the result of installing the wrong size of garage door part and another wrong installation process.

Garage door opener:

There are several things that can go wrong with the garage door opener. In case, the garage door is not working properly, it is always best to start a garage door opener repair project with the easiest tests. Make sure that the opener is getting enough power and the breaker has not been tripped or fused. Check to see that it is plugged into the right outlet properly. Make sure that wires have not been loose. If the garage door looks fine but the garage door won’t open using a remote, check the batteries of the remote. The dead batteries of the remote should be replaced.

If the garage door opener functions with another remote, you might need to buy a new remote. Many garage door companies manufacture garage door openers and spare units of remote for sale separately. You can buy the garage door remote or any other accessories from any famous hardware store. If you check the package of the remote then you can understand what operating system it will work with. A manual garage door does not operate with remotes and you will end with the cost of the entire garage door replacement.

The structure of the garage door:

If the garage door resists as it goes up or down then you should check the structure of the garage door that supports it. One obvious garage door repair task is to check the alignment of the tracks. Make sure that they are not clogged due to dirt and dust. Use a mild household cleaner to remove the dirty and greasy substances. Afterward use any high-quality lubricant such as, WD-40 or any good quality silicone spray to make sure that the garage door will run smoothly.

Inspect the garage door tracks to find out the dents or blockage on the tracks. These tracks are connected to the garage door trim and ceiling of the garage door with the help of mounting brackets. As time passes, these mounting brackets become loosened due to the pressure of garage door parts. Another common problem can be garage door rollers that are connected to the garage door. To fix the issues, you need to replace the damaged rollers. Furthermore, garage door springs should be taken care of. They are dangerous and hard parts to handle. If you are not familiar with the tension of garage door springs, leave this task to the professionals.

At the bottom, make sure that you know what you can do to fix your malfunctioning garage door. Otherwise don’t take a chance on doing a DIY project because you might end up with bigger garage door problems.

Garage Door Repair is Not an Easy Job

Garage door repair is not an easy project as there are certain safety risks involved in the process. You can still carry out some simple garage door repair tasks even if you are not skilled or a handyman but all complex garage door jobs ought to be done by professionals.

The automatic overhead garage door, whether it swings up in a single solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections, operates with strong and heavy-duty garage door springs. Normally, the garage door moves on the metal tracks along the walls of the garage, and garage door springs are used to provide it necessary power. They are used to perform the balancing functions of a garage door. In the majority of the cases when garage doors become malfunctioning, fixing solutions are quite easy to perform. For more information about garage door solutions, please visit

  • Inspect the metal tracks to check their condition. Make sure that the mounting brackets inside the tracks are not worn out and hold the walls. If you found loose brackets, just tighten the screws and bolts to make them secure. Damaged brackets should be replaced. In the next step, close the garage door and inspect the tracks to find out the crimps, flat spots, or dents. If they have spots or dents just straighten them using a plastic hammer or a rubber mallet.
  • Check the level of tracks to make sure that they are aligned and straightened correctly. Remember that the vertical section should be plump and the horizontal tracks should be slant slightly downward position. Both tracks should be at the same height as the height of the walls. If you found that garage door tracks are not aligned correctly. Just lose the brackets a bit by unscrewing the nuts and then tapping them to their original position. Don’t remove the blots completely that grip the mounting brackets.
  • It is recommended that clean the garage door including the tracks to remove dust, dirt, and hardened grease. You can use any mild household cleaner for this purpose. Make sure that you clean the tracks, rollers, and other hardware to remove the obstructions. Wipe the tracks and rollers after washing them. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the texture of the garage door. It is suggested that do it at least twice a year.
  • All garage door parts including tracks, rollers, pulleys, and mounting brackets should be lubricated for the smooth operations of a garage door. You may use any good-quality silicone spray, powdered graphite, and lubricant spray for this objective. Pour oil on all garage door parts, allow it to sit for about 60 seconds, and then wipe out the excess oil. If you experience any complex problem while inspecting and maintaining your garage door, don’t take the time to call professional garage door technicians to help you.  

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is not working correctly, you may find yourself searching for ways to fix it. Looking at the fixing techniques, you can get two thoughts. The first maybe, “well, it is not a hard project, I can handle it on my own”. All I just need is to disconnect the garage door opener replace the spring or anything else, reconnect the motor and it will be in a working position. The second thought maybe, well, it might seem simple but what if I mess something up or get hurt? I should call professional assistance. Visit the link to call a professional garage door technician.

  • Huge garage door repair cost:

You get up early on the weekend morning to perform your garage door repair project. After reading several blogs and watching videos, you are sure that you have understood the problem. You buy the required tools and parts and get onto the ladder. After spending several hours, you will release that the garage door still is not functioning and now it showing more issues and creating some weird sounds. When you call a garage door expert, he/she asks you if you tried to fix the garage door on your own. You admit, “Yes, I did” then you realize that you have made the simple works much more challenging and expensive. If you did call the experts first, they could easily diagnose and fixed the original problems. Now, you still have those and other issues to boot.

  • Void the warranty:

You have heard the problem before when it concern garage door repair work. You may dismiss caution, assuming that it is just a trick of garage door companies to make more money. Actually, it is not. The garage door companies know how hard and dangerous it is to install and repair the garage door. This is why; they add void clauses into the warranties. They advised you to call professional garage door technicians to make the necessary repairs. These garage door companies guarantee the work they have done.

  • Garage door repair is a dangerous job:

Just look at the size and weight of the garage door. In the case of a large garage door, it will be extremely heavy and massive. Professional garage door technicians know how to handle the weight, width, and size of the garage door. They cannot put you in danger while performing the job. If you have an automatic garage door, you risk being electrocuted while doing the fixes. You could suffer other injuries as well. If you mistakenly remove the wrong part, a 500 pound weighted garage door may fall on you. Protect your car, investment, family, and yourself by hiring a professional garage door repair company.

  • A job that looks simple:

Automatic garage doors are consist of several parts that connect to each other. Since you don’t know what could happen to garage door tracks or other mechanisms, you may think, “It is a part I have to remove”. Only removing the wrong part causes other parts to become disconnected. In addition to this, some garage door parts are under a high amount of pressure. Removing those parts in the wrong way can hurt or even kill you. So, it is always wise to hire professional garage door companies for help.

How to Conduct Garage Door Repair Project

For fixing a malfunctioning garage door, understanding how it functions is very important. Any type of mechanical equipment has a tendency to malfunction or break with continued use over time. Even the garage door tends to create small or major issues after years. Thus, the garage door needs periodic inspection and maintenance to keep it working in a long run. Here is a brief guideline that will show you the mechanism of the automatic overhead garage door. If you are not sure what to do with the malfunctioning garage door, consult a professional garage door company such as Fairborn garage door repair to resolve the problems of the garage door.

Understanding the mechanism of garage door:

There are two important parts of a garage door. One is the garage door itself and the other is the operating mechanism that opens and closes it. Most of the problems that crop up with the operating mechanism and structure of the garage door are because either of the two sections is not functioning correctly.

Tips for garage door repair project:

When the garage door runs on track to swing upward, torsion springs generated and released the tension. Special metal tracks are attached to both sides of the garage door to make it move upward or downward.  When your garage door starts to create loud or cracking sounds or does not run smoothly, the issue lies with the structure of the garage door. Well, the following mentioned are helpful repair tips and techniques.  

  • Make sure that the metal tracks of garage door are in good working position. They are aligned and tightened securely to support the garage door in the opening and closing process. Look for the signs of damages such as crimps, flats, and dents on the tracks. If you find the damages, use a hammer to straighten them. If then damages is severe, replace them.
  • Check the alignment of tracks and springs. Tracks are used to operate the garage door and maintain their balance from either side so tracks should be aligned correctly. If you experience any discrepancy, just loosen the screws of the tracks and tap them to put them back into their original position. You will need a screw driver and a spanner to fix them.
  • Make sure that garage door tracks and other parts are lubricated properly. You should use a grease or silicone spray to lubricate them every once in a while. It also helps the garage door in the smooth movements. Also, you should clean the rollers and tracks with a damp cloth. If garage door become rusted or damaged and beyond to simple garage door repair work, then you should replace them immediately.
  •  Check the garage door to find out damages. It may be coming off the tracks because it is not strong and sturdy anymore. If your garage door is in poor working position or damaged badly, you need to replace the entire garage door. In such case, consider buying a new garage door to make your house safe and secure.
  • Inspect the garage door thoroughly, if something is blocking the path of running garage door. Roller garage door especially tend to jam when there is accumulated grease and dirt stuck in the pathway of garage door. Examine the garage door thoroughly to check its physical condition. Test the performance of garage door by opening and closing it to its half way.

Caution: never try to attempt garage door repair work on your own especially if it is a concern to garage door springs, cables, or other part tensed parts. Consult a professional garage door repair company to fix or replace the damaged tracks. Any garage door part that needs to be replaced should be done under the supervision of experts. Remember that loose garage door parts can be extremely dangerous to handle.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

Home improvement projects are normally Do-It-Yourself projects except the garage door spring adjustment or replacement project. Garage door springs are large parts used on the garage door which means that they remain under a lot of pressure and the risk of snapping them increases the risk of critical and serious injuries. There are many injuries as a result of broken springs reported each year. This is why; this type of garage door repair project is not something you attempt on your own without professional help. Are you interested in learning more about garage door springs, visit the link here?

A professional garage door spring replacement job is always suggested for you if you are facing problems with the springs used on the garage door. Garage door extension springs are found on both sides of the garage door while torsion springs are mounted on the top of the garage door. Therefore, it will be wise to replace both springs at a time even if one of them needs replacement. Of course, the other one follows shortly since the garage door springs are ideal for 10,000 operating cycles before they need to be replaced. There are two basic types of garage door springs, one is the extension, and the other is torsion springs.

Professional garage door technicians are specially trained, educated, and experienced. They can easily identify the type and model of springs used on your garage door. They will determine the right type, size, and model of garage door springs. They can easily measure the length and width of the wire used with the torsion springs. Also, they have the appropriate tools and the right knowledge required for the garage door spring replacement job. If you have decided to perform a garage door spring replacement project on your own, you will find that buying a new spring can either be costly or difficult. As garage door spring is a dangerous component, this is why garage door manufacturers are strictly advised to sell them in bulk to authorized dealers. It also helps to avoid potential accidents and manage quality control. 

Taking professional garage door spring services will make your garage door more efficient and safer to use. When one of the springs is not adjusted correctly, you will have to restart all the work. It will make your job very tiring and frustrating and definitely costly as well. Hiring a professional garage door technician will help you to avoid these issues. You will be able to relax knowing that your spring is fixed and adjusted correctly.

It will help you to save the unnecessary costs of the project. In addition to this, the parts that technicians will use come with warranties. It means that if any issue happens in the following days, you should call a garage door company to see if the problem is covered under the warranty so that you won’t have to pay extra money. The professional garage door companies also offer guarantees on their services. If the staff accidentally makes a mistake, they will come back to fix the issue without charging you. So, what are you waiting for, hire a professional garage door expert right now?

Automatic Garage Door Openers

Nowadays, there are innovations and inventions all over the world that we often take for granted. Yes, it is true, when was the last time you took a close inspection at your garage door and wonder how much it has helped you? Your automobile is also a masterpiece of technology and engineering, regardless of how often you are using it. The automatic garage door opener is one of the greatest inventions among these innovations. To learn more about garage door openers, please visit the website

It seems like a simple idea but the functions and execution of the opener is what makes it so clever. The electric garage door opener works with motors that are attached to the garage door. These powerful devices are available in multiple options to choose from depending on the type and weight of the garage door it is connected to. With just a single touch of a button, an electric garage door opener will help you to open and close the garage door effortlessly and smoothly.

Modern garage door openers can be activated through a wall-mounted panel that is installed inside the garage door or a handheld garage door remote. These openers can also be used by secure identification systems, security mounted systems placed outside the garage door such as, fingerprint or face readers. As it concerns the closing of the garage door, some readers might be worried about the security problems. Well, as long as you do not allow someone to use your remote to make a way to open your garage door. Some models of garage door openers also offer feature physical locking system that keeps the garage door secure and closed. In this secured position, there is no way to open the garage door, only breaking the garage door will grant access to the garage.

If you are concerned about safety, particularly the injuries or damages caused by the falling garage door, then you don’t have to worry about it. Some models of openers have cut-off technologies that will stop the operations if an obstruction is detected. They are sensors and infrared beam sensors that will be activated.  These safety features are particularly valuable when you have pets or kids at home as well as when you are performing the hardest job to protect your precious car.

Electric garage door openers are used for automated functions of the overhead garage door. They work on electricity to open or close the garage door smoothly. But what happens when the power goes out? Well, there are some garage door openers that won’t allow the garage door to open or close the garage door due to the secure locking mechanism that will counter anyone who decides to take the benefit of a disconnected power supply. The manual emergency release system allows you to open or close the garage door by hand.

Beyond just the convenience offered by the automatic garage door opener, you also feel wonder at just how much thought has gone into it. There is always a situation for every problem and confusion for just about any condition. It is true that electric garage door openers are wonders of modern science and technology.

Garage door maintenance services

One important maintenance task that most homeowners take for granted is “garage door maintenance”. Even the most responsible and intelligent homeowner frequently forget to check the garage door to find out the general wear and tear. However, it is extremely essential to inspect the garage door thoroughly as faults like broken garage door springs can be extremely dangerous.

Before checking the garage door system, make sure to have all safety points in your mind. First of all, whenever to operate the garage door; make sure that everyone, especially kids, is away from the working place. Stay away from moving hardware such as torsion springs and mounting brackets. Don’t pinch your fingers between the panels of the garage door. Here is another important point to keep in mind that serious garage door problems need to be fixed by certified and experienced garage door experts so whenever you experience any major issue, call a professional garage door technician instead of handling it on your own.

Start garage door maintenance project by inspecting the torsion springs. You will find these springs right above the garage door opening or along either side of metal tracks. Look them thoroughly to find out any cracks, damages, or other evidence of wear and tear. Some garage door parts may become squeaking or creating loud sounds, you can easily fix them using any high-quality silicone spray or lubricant but if the faults are apparent, it is the right time to contact a garage door expert. Don’t forget that torsion springs hold a great amount of pressure that can be dangerous to handle, so it is not a good job for amateur individuals. 

In the next check the springs and brackets that attach the metal cables to the springs. These brackets should be securely connected to the garage door.  The loose brackets need to be tightened and loose springs need to be adjusted. You can easily do it using handy tools; you just need to keep in mind that they hold a great amount of pressure. The latest models of garage doors are designed with tamper-resistant brackets or cord spindles to avoid the broken junks fly in the air. The broken pieces of springs can hurt you or damage your property. Since these are dangerous parts that should be fixed by professional garage door technicians.  

Make sure that the cables should not lose, frayed, or don’t have any sign of wear and tear. If you found them, they should be replaced with the help of professionals. Don’t wait until they are completely broken because they could cause serious injuries and damages.

If you have a modern automatic garage door, it must be equipped with safety sensors that prevent the garage door from closing on something. The tiny electronic beams or eyes are located near the ground level, one on each side at the bottom of the garage door. Make sure that the sight of the line is cleared of any dust or debris. It is also important that these sensors are aligned properly to ensure that they are working properly.

By spending five to ten minutes inspecting the important components of your garage door, you will be sure that everything is in good working condition. Any garage door fault can be fixed easily by a professional garage door expert and you will be able to rest assured, knowing your automatic garage door poses no danger to you and your family.